Granddad takes wrong toddler from day-care

A grandfather has prompted a review of safety procedures at a day-care centre in Sweden after taking the wrong child home with him. The unfortunate mix-up occurred at Hasselmusens nursery school in Orebro, eastern Sweden, when the elderly man picked up what he thought was his three year-old granddaughter.

According to local newspaper, Nerikes Allehanda, the man only noticed that he was entertaining an unknown toddler later that afternoon. Upon realising his mistake, he promptly returned the girl to the day-care centre where her parents were anxiously waiting for her.

The school has vowed to review its home-time system after it emerged that the girl who was picked up by mistake does not even have a maternal grandfather. Such information had not filtered down to the child’s teachers, but the girl was apparently unmoved by her experience of adopting a granddad for the day.

“There were gaps in our procedures which we’re trying to correct right now,” school director Ulla Maj Bondeson told Nerikes Allehanda. She added that all the parents at the nursery have been told about the incident.