Reykjavik bars to be forced to close earlier

A majority of Reykjavik’s city council has voted to shorten the licensing hours of city centre premises selling alcohol at weekends. The bars with the latest closing times will be made to shut an hour earlier.

Beginning on 1st January 2011 (which happens to be a Saturday), Reykjavik’s late bars will have to close at 05.00 instead of 05.30 – and then starting from 1st June they will have to shut their doors at 04.30.

The proposal received a majority of votes; although the Left Green representative wanted to specially emphasise that although he voted yes, working for better communication between bars and city centre residents should remain the main control mechanism.

Best Party representatives also called for an official note to be recorded with the verdict, saying that Reykjavik needs a co-ordinated alcohol plan. They added that the smoking ban turned out to be very popular, which makes the next logical step a total alcohol ban in bars and pubs as well – because alcohol has many and serious effects (it is unclear if the proposed alcohol ban is a serious proposition from the most tongue-in-cheek party in Icelandic politics).

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