Man goes berserk at Icelandic debt conselling office

A young man threw a violent tantrum yesterday at the office of Iceland’s debt management ombudsman in Reykjavik. The man broke a partition, a computer and a window in his rage during a meeting with a debt counsellor.

During his interview, the man threw the debt adviser’s computer on the floor. On his way out he slammed the door so hard that a window smashed.

The ombudsman’s staff members were offered counselling of their own after the incident. The adviser the man was seeing was apparently particularly shaken by the ordeal. “She was very scared, as we all were,” the ombudsman information officer, Svanborg Sigmarsdottir told

Nothing quite like yesterday’s incident has happened since the ombudsman’s office has been open.

Violence is rare in such situations, but there is real anger among some endebted householders in Iceland who feel they will never break free and blame the government for doing too little to help.