Eva Joly on banking charges and on electricity with Bjork

Eva Joly, the departing assistant to Iceland’s bank crash investigator has used her last day on the job, before returning to France to campaign to become the next president, to speak her mind once more.

At a press conference, Joly was asked about Glitnir Bank’s New York lawsuit against seven of its former owners and managers. She said, in response to the Icelandic defendants’ claims that the case has no reason to be brought in the USA at all, that there is a strong case for bringing the action In New York.

“I believe it and think that the Glitnir resolution committee’s lawyers have made a strong argument for why the case should be heard in New York, despite the fact that the defendants are Icelanders,” Joly said, pointing to several things including Glitnir’s pre-crash bond issues in New York.

At a separate press conference with singer Bjork Gudmundsdottir (known simply as Bjork), Eva Joly told reporters that if she was a state prosecutor in Iceland, she would begin a criminal investigation into the sale of HS Orka to Magma Energy Sweden. She said there is more than enough evidence available to make a formal investigation worthwhile.

She compared the sale of HS Orka to the privatisation of the Icelandic banks which demonstrably benefited the few and ultimately left the many to pick up the pieces. Eva Joly said that Canada’s Magma Energy created a Swedish subsidiary purely to circumvent EEA law, and added that the key players behind the banking crash are also behind the sale of HS Orka.

Joly believes it is time for the Icelandic nation to stand up united and say, “I was misled, I don’t want this!”.

So far some 20,000 people have signed the petition calling for a referendum on energy policies at www.orkuaudlindir.is.

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