Eva Joly quits Iceland bank crash investigation

The French-Norwegian judge and corruption investigator Eva Joly, chief assistant to Iceland’s Special Prosecutor into the banking crisis, has decided to step down early.

Eva Joly has been a strong voice for Iceland on the international stage since the crash and has been consistently at the cutting edge of Special Prosecutor Olafur Thor Hauksson’s investigation. She was originally contracted at least until the end of this year, but has come to an agreement with Hauksson’s office.

The stated reason for leaving early is that Eva Joly has recently put herself forward for election to be the next President of France and therefore has very little spare time to help in Iceland.

The special investigation is expected to run until 2014 and will likely lead to prosecutions. Eva Joly told her staff today that although she is leaving, the office has a strong and dedicated team of people who will be hard to push around – especially as they still feel the weight of public expectation.

Hauksson told reporters that Joly is not receiving any kind of pay-off or golden handshake. Joly has been working in Iceland for four-day periods; 18 of them in total.

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