Another Danish tax office looted

Danes who feel they are being robbed by the taxman may smiled wryly upon hearing about a burglary this week in Copenhagen. At least 15 PC computers were taken from the Danish Tax Ministry in Christianshavn overnight on Thursday 31st September.

“We have estimated that some 15 PCs and two telephones were stolen,” Tax Ministry press officer Morten Schoop told Politiken. Schoop, however, insisted that taxpayers’ personal details are safe. “All data is encrypted so there should be no danger of hacking into sensitive information,” he said.

According to police, there were no signs of a break-in, prompting suspicions that the burglary could have been an inside job. No suspects have yet been identified, however.

This is the fourth time this year that a tax office in Denmark has been looted. On April 23, three centres in Jutland were raided within just a few hours of each other. It is not known if the burglaries are linked and authorities are said to have no clue about the identities of the self-styled modern-day Robin Hoods. But in the end the costs will inevitably fall to the tax payer.