Special prosecutor against Geir Haarde to be voted for on Wednesday

Assistant state prosecutor in Iceland, Sigridur J. Fridjonsdottir has said she would likely accept the role of special prosecutor in the case against former Prime Minister Geir H. Haarde.

Parliament will vote for a special state prosecutor to prepare the case against Haarde on Wednesday. The President of the Althingi parliament told Visir.is yesterday that Fridjonsdottir will very likely be the one chosen.

The voting for the special prosecutor will happen in a similar way to when parliamentary ombudsmen are appointed. There are apparently no laws or written rules on how to elect a parliamentary ombudsman. The process is based on tradition whereby the presidium (committee of the president of Althingi, who is not the prime minister or the president of the republic) recommends a candidate and he/she is then voted on by the general parliament.

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