60-year-old unsolved murder used as game for commuters

Details of a gruesome double murder committed 62 years ago are to be used as a travelling ‘who dunnit’ game for bus commuters in Denmark. Arriva’s 4A bus route will be scattered with clues from an unsolved case in 1948 when a couple were brutally killed in their Frederiksberg apartment.

The bodies of Vilhelm and Inger Margrethe Jacobsen were discovered at their home in Peter Bangs Vej on February 20, 1948. Both their skulls had been crushed beyond recognition and two canes were placed above each of their heads in some sort of ritual.

The killings are the subject of a new book by former Se Og Hor magazine writer Peer Kaae. Arriva will display parts of the investigation research as a game for bored passengers who will get the chance to win a copy of the book and other prizes.

Bus stops will be pasted with ‘QR’ matrix barcodes that will allow commuters to read extra details about the murders with smart phones. Flyers with excerpts of the book will also be left along the route and Video screens on busses will give a series of additional clues.

Martin Wex, a press officer for Arriva, admitted that the new bus game was macabre and not one for younger riders. He added, however, that the excerpts and information distributed during the campaign will not be of a graphic nature.