Icelander arrested in Venezuela over tax fraud case

Police in Venezuela yesterday arrested a 36 year-old Icelandic man believed to be the ringleader in a recently uncovered ISK 270 million tax fraud case.

The man was arrested at the Santiago Marino airport on the island of Margarita. He was trying to make his way to Frankfurt and appears to have been in Venezuela for around 15 days. The man disappeared from Iceland immediately before the Value Added Tax swindle was uncovered. Quickly after that, the Icelandic police requested Interpol assistance in locating the man, reports.

The La Calle newspaper quotes police sources as saying the man is connected to a drugs ring in Colombia.

Venezuelan police have now confirmed that he will be repatriated to Iceland shortly.

When the tax fraud case was uncovered, four men and two women were remanded in police custody.

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