Swedish politician gets elected, only then reads party manifesto

Eric Gerhardsson, who was elected into the municipal council in Gallivare in Sunday’s Swedish parliamentary and local elections will abandon his party and his seat in the council. Gerhardsson was on the list for the extreme right party Sverigedemokraterna (the Sweden Democrats) but now claims that after having actually read through the party’s manifesto he feels that he has no choice but to leave, Dagens Nyheter reports.

Reportedly Gerhardsson was surprised by his party’s suggestions of decreasing immigration to a minimum and prohibiting family reunification. “I am against splitting up families and relatives. I don’t think that you should send refugees to an uncertain fate, perhaps even death. Immigrants are my friends,” Gerhardsson told Dagens Nyheter — adding that he feels his decision to join Sverigedemokraterna was not very well thought through to begin with.

The paper reports that Gerhardsson is the first Sweden Democrat so far to abandon his seat, but speculates that he will be far from the last. Drop-outs are far more common among members of Sverigedemokraterna than other parties in Sweden.

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