Suspects admit to burning down iconic Icelandic church

Four youths have confessed to burning down Krisuvikurkirkja church in southwest Iceland on 2nd January.

The isolated church on the Reykjanes peninsula was near to the Krysuvik geothermal area and was a popular stop for visitors to the area. The church served a group of farms which have since been abandoned and was the last reminder of the community that once lived in the area.

The priest of Hafnarfjordur, Thorhallur Heimisson was the first to break the news of the confession on his blog, but police have since confirmed his claim.

According to the police, the four young people went out to Krisuvikurkirkja on 2nd January with the sole intention of burning it down. They used petrol to start the blaze. It is not known exactly how old the suspects are, but RUV sources believe they are all old enough to face trial.

Krisuvikurkirkja was built in 1857 and was looked after by The Archaeological Heritage Agency of Iceland. It was abandoned at the turn of the 20th Century, but then re-built and re-sanctified in 1964.

Priest Heimisson says on his blog that the church will rise again, with the help of God and good men.

Photo: RÚ

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