Icelandic glaciers in record retreat

Iceland’s glaciers have never retreated as much as they did this year – especially the ones in the south. The unusually warm summer weather and ash from Eyjafjallajokull are being blamed.

Global warming has caused the country’s glaciers to retreat massively in recent years – and 2010 marks the biggest single-year retreat to date.

According to RUV, dark coloured ash from the Eyjafjallajokull volcano settled on other glaciers in South Iceland and sped up the melting – and the hot summer intensified the effect further.

This summer was one of the hottest in South Iceland since records began and geographer Oddur Sigurdsson predicts that, by the turn of the century, many smaller glaciers will be completely gone, Langjokull will be well on its way, and Vatnajokull (the biggest glacier in Europe) will be half its current size.

Photo: Anders Peter Amsnæs