New prison planned for Reykjavik

Tenders for a contract to construct 50 new prison spaces in Iceland will be offered next month. The president of the Icelandic prison service believes the small new prison will be built somewhere in the Reykjavik region.

Mayor of Reykjavik, Jon Gnarr told reporters over the weekend that city centre violence has increased sharply. Pall Winkel, head of the prison service, agrees – explaining that some 100 convicted criminals are currently walking free due to lack of space in the country’s prisons, RUV reports.

Space is always found for those who have committed serious crimes – but this often means that those with convictions for assault and vandalism in the centre of Reykjavik are left roaming the streets —  free to re-offend.

Prison cell waiting lists have grown quickly in recent years. Five years ago, there were just 50 people waiting for space in prison. Winkel hopes that the new prison will relieve the situation, given time.

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