Icelandic Nature Day in honour of Omar Ragnarsson

Iceland’s favourite naturalist, singer, journalist, comedian, aviator and writer; Omar Ragnarsson, turned 70 last week.

Ragnarsson is famed most recently for his staunch opposition to new aluminium smelters and hydro dams in the Icelandic countryside. He organised a massive protest rally on the eve of the opening of the Karahnjukar dam in 2006, calling for the flood gates to remain open and the massive structure to be held as a monument to past disregard for the environment. The dam was, of course, opened anyway – but the rally was the biggest ever held in Iceland (until last year’s “pots and pans revolution”) and no similarly huge and destructive projects have been commenced since.

Iceland’s Minister for the Environment has declared her support for making the 16th September (Omar’s birthday) an annual Icelandic Nature Day in honour of the multi-talented celebrity.

Ragnarsson was told the news live on the radio on his birthday. He said the honour made him truly speechless.

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