Hotel bomber’s identity remains a mystery

The man arrested after an explosion at a hotel in Copenhagen has gone to great lengths to keep his identity under wraps, even scratching the serial number off his prosthetic leg, say police.

Danish officers held a press conference on Sunday to reveal the latest news about what is thought to have been a failed suicide bombing at the Hotel Jorgensen on Friday. Inspector Svend Foldager told reporters that police still have no idea who the man is or what his motive was.

The suspected bomber was not carrying any items, such as a mobile phone or credit cards, which could provide clues about where he is from. He was, however, carrying a gun at the time of his arrest and a multi-tool was found in his hotel room.

Police are currently working on using the gun and ammunition to try and track the recent movements of the suspect. His prosthetic leg, which is thought to be an expensive model from Western Europe, has also had its serial number removed, presumably so it cannot be traced.

The man was arrested in Copenhagen’s Israel Square after running from the hotel bleeding following a small explosion. It is thought that the device went off in the hotel bathroom, earlier and with less force than expected.

The suspect has only told police that he is a vegetarian and asked for both a Koran and a Bible, despite showing no evidence of actively practicing either Islam or Christianity.

Police said that they have no other suspects in the case.

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