Father and son flee Iceland over racial abuse

A father and son of Cuban origin felt it necessary to fly out of Iceland yesterday following a series of racially motivated attacks. Their family home was attacked twice on Saturday and they felt they were in real danger. Two men are being held by police.

The father and son are both Icelandic citizens and have lived in the country for over a decade. At issue is apparently the 18 year-old son’s relationship with an Icelandic girl. His skin colour made the relationship controversial – among others, at the high school the girl attends. The couple have reportedly been victims of taunting, RUV reports.

At around 18.00 on Saturday, a window was broken at the boy’s family home and at 02.00 on Sunday, the front door of the house was broken and the boy received death threats at the same time. The father and his son thought the situation was serious enough to leave the country, and police escorted them to the airport and continue to investigate the shocking case.

A middle aged man and a teenager around the son’s age were arrested in Reykjavik yesterday. Interestingly, they are not thought to be closely linked to either the father and son or the girl.

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