Four former Icelandic ministers implicated over banking collapse

The parliamentary committee scrutinising the report into the Icelandic banking crash has come to a decision; but not unanimously, reports.

The committee, chaired by Atli Gislasson, was split on its decision on which former ministers to bring in front of a specially convened “high court” (Landsdomur). Five of the nine committee members want to bring four former ministers in front of the Landsdomur.

The representatives of the Left Green Movement, the Progressive Party and The Movement all wanted to implicate former Prime Minister Geir H. Haarde; former Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ingibjorg Solrun Gisladottir; former Minister of Finance, Arni M. Mathiesen and former Minister of Trade, Bjorgvin G. Sigurdsson.

The committee members from the Social Democrats wanted to leave Bjorgvin G. Sigurdsson off the list and representatives of the Independence Party voted not to bring charges against anybody.

A Landsdomur, or high court, has never been called together in Iceland’s history as an independent nation. The sole purpose of such a court is to make decisions on cases brought by the Althingi parliament against ministers who have allegedly failed in their duties.

The current Landsdomur was assembled in 2005 for a six-year term; but has never been called together. It is made up of five Supreme Court judges, a law professor, the chief judge of Reykjavik and eight others who were selected by parliament.

Parliament must now vote on the committee’s recommendations.

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