Icelandic trawler pulls up WW2 mine

An Icelandic trawler yesterday came in for a surprise when it landed an active mine among its fishy catch.

The crew of the trawler, Skinney, pulled up the explosive device and subsequently called on Coastguard bomb disposal experts. They were fishing south of Snaefellsjokull glacier on the Snaefellsnes peninsula at the time.

The bomb was a British sea mine from the Second World War and was pulled up whole and still dangerous, according to the disposal experts who later made it safe. Some 22 kilogrammes of explosives were inside the device.

When bomb disposal experts arrived on the ship, the mine had already been prepared for transport. The engineers and bomb were moved to land, where the mine was made safe.

Britain invaded Iceland in May 1940 during the Nazi occupation of Denmark, which still held sovereignty over the country. The 25,000 British troops were replaced in 1941 by American forces.

Main page photo: Icelandic Coastguard

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