Hannes Thor Helgason’s killer confesses

The high profile murder of Icelandic businessman Hannes Thor Helgason in his Hafnarfjordur home last month led to an extensive investigation – and, as previously reported, one man has been remanded in custody. He has since confessed to the crime.

Gunnar Runar Sigthorsson is 23 years old and was already known for publishing YouTube videos declaring his love for Hannes Thor Helgason’s girlfriend, Visir.is reports. She is the same age as Sigthorsson and they went to the same school; but his love for her was not reciprocated. He therefore apparently killed the older businessman in a crime of passion and will now undergo psychiatric testing before any trial takes place.

Sigthorsson told police that he had thrown the murder weapon into Hafnarfjordur harbour. Divers are searching, but the knife has yet to be found. Police have recovered other evidence, including clothes, which supports the case.

Interestingly, the results of DNA testing carried out in Sweden do not incriminate the man in custody; but a pair of his shoes does match a footprint left at the scene of the crime, and it appeared as if blood had been deliberately cleaned off the shoe.

Police are still searching for evidence, but are no longer looking for suspects. The confession must be backed up with hard evidence – hopefully including both a positive DNA result and the recovered murder weapon. Under a court order, Sigthorsson will be held for four weeks from the 27th August.