Feature film developed in Iceland gaining international attention

A feature film first developed in Iceland is now gaining international attention. Titled Joshua Tree 1951: A Portrait of James Dean, the feature is described as the most unflinching and honest exploration yet of Dean’s life in the years prior to his becoming a star and ill-fated legend. The film should be complete for the Spring/Summer 2011 festival circuit.

The film was first developed by writer/director Matthew Mishory in Reykjavik at last year’s Transatlantic Talent Laboratory at the Reykjavik International Film Festival and is now in production in the United States. James Preston from the ABC television series “The Gates” is the lead actor.

According to the company behind the movie, the teaser trailer (linked to below) has already gone viral across the internet, with coverage in many major blogs and American publications.

A statement also adds that the director and producers plan to shoot their next feature in Iceland.

A short text from the producers about the film:

Youth is served. James Preston, the hot young werewolf star of ABC’s summer hit The Gates, takes on an American legend in his feature film debut. Preston plays James Dean in the indie Joshua Tree, 1951. 28-year-old Matthew Mishory (Delphinium: A Childhood Portrait of Derek Jarman) is helming and penned the
script. Dan Glenn (Pushing Daisies) and newcomer Dalilah Rain co-star.

Edward Singletary, Jr., and Stephanie Frank of Iconoclastic Features (Delphinium, Portland) are producing with Randall Walk (Jumbo Girl), co-producer Paul Lee (Camp Unity), and consulting producer Robert Zimmer, Jr. (Half-Life), with black-and-white lensing by Michael Marius Pessah (Viva La Causa) and an original
score by rock royalty Steven Severin, founding member of Siouxsie and the Banshees, and his wife Arban.

Pic is an intimate portrait of the outsider icon, set in the years before Dean moved to New York and achieved notoriety. The narrative blends biographical and fictionalized elements. Production has begun in Joshua Tree, California; Hollywood; and Laguna Beach.

Film is expected to burst on the scene for the 2011/2012 festival circuit, redefining Dean for a new generation.
An early teaser trailer is available at the official website:

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