Walrus visits Iceland

A walrus was spotted at Flateyardalur in Iceland late on Thursday night. Stefan Gudmundsson, who saw the beast, said it looked exhausted; but was a phenomenal sight all the same.

It is highly unusual for walruses to visit Iceland due to the fact that the sea around the country does not freeze during winter. It is likely the misplaced walrus swam to Iceland from Greenland.

Vignir Sigurolason, a vet from Husavik, visited the animal on Friday morning because it was believed to be injured and suffering exhaustion.

He told RUV that the walrus was indeed injured; but not seriously enough to need treatment. Sigurolason said that the walrus is three metres long and nearly two tonnes in weight. Its teeth are 20-30 centimetres long.

The vet said they got within five metres of the walrus, which is more than close enough to such a powerful and potentially dangerous animal. The walrus was undisturbed, however and did not move.

It has since returned to the sea and swum away. Its current location is unknown.