Iceland’s ‘favourite comedy show’ saved at the last minute

Spaugstofan, Iceland’s most famous weekly comedy sketch show, will not be consigned to history as had previously been reported. Despite being dropped from RUV for monetary reasons, the show’s creators this week signed a deal to move over to rival station, Stod 2.

The winter series of Spaugstofan will start on Saturday the 9th October at its usual time of 19.35 – but this time it will be on Stod 2 and will not be free-to-air; and a lot of Icelandic households choose not to pay extra for the channel.

The stars of the show: Karl Agust Ulfsson, Palmi Gestsson, Sigurdur Sigurjonsson and Orn Arnason have declared their intention to carry on with the same vigour as ever in creating the weekly show based around each week’s biggest news stories and events. They signed a contract to this effect alongside Ari Edwald, the president of 365 Media (owner of Stod 2) during a packed press conference at the National Culture House this week.

The contract runs for two years and ensures the programme’s long history will continue for at least the next two winters.

Saga Film will produce the programme from their headquarters at Old Television Centre – the former home of RUV television in central Reykjavik. It was in that very building that Spaugstofan began, and Karl Agust Ulfsson told that many of the show’s most memorable characters were created there.

A poll of readers suggested that 50.5 percent of people are happy to see Spaugstofan saved, with 49.5 percent unhappy about the programme’s survival. The show has some undoubtedly funny moments and remains popular – extremely so with the over 40s. But the principal argument against it is that it allegedly vacuums attention and money away from younger, edgier comedians.

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