Boeing Dreamliner in Iceland for testing

The new Dreamliner, also known as the Boeing 787, is currently stationed at Iceland’s Keflavik International Airport for testing in side winds. This is only the second time the brand new aircraft has left the USA.

The News Tribune reports that the Dreamliner aeroplane will be in Iceland for tests for a whole week after arriving yesterday.

Exposed Keflavik International Airport is generally known as a fairly windy airport; but the fact that its two runways are at right-angles to one another means that aircraft undergoing tests can guarantee a cross wind for landing and take off in most circumstances. Conversely this also means that normal operators can avoid the wind hitting planes from the side, which improves comfort and safety.

This is the first testing flight for the delayed Dreamliner passenger jet outside of the USA. The only other overseas trip was to the Farnborough Air Show in the UK, where the plane was exhibited to airlines and the public.

Both Boeing and Airbus have used Keflavik for test flights in cross winds. Among others, the Boeing 777 and Airbus A380 all visited Keflavik during testing.

As previously reported, Icelandair – Iceland’s biggest airline – will be among the first airlines to fly the new Dreamliner.

It is expected that during the plane’s visit to Iceland, a media event will be organised to allow journalists, cameramen and photographers a good look at the plane.

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