Topless nurse advert gets pulses racing in Denmark

The Danish Nurses’ Organisation has had an online advertisement yanked, after the images of randy medics using unconventional methods to revive patients were deemed too racy. The nurses’ union pulled the commercial from the YouTube website, calling the ad a “slip-up” and saying it “went over the line”.

The video for the ‘White Zone’ campaign, which aims to recruit more young people into nursing, shows a young man dying on a hospital bed while staff frantically try to revive him. When the man flatlines, one of the nurses unbuttons her smock and rubs her chest on the patient’s head, miraculously giving his heart a new lease of life.

The newest ad is not the first time the Nurses’ Organisation has come under fire for its risqué recruitment drives. It was also criticised in 2007 when it teamed up with underwear company JBS to film a commercial depicting hospital staff in sexy smalls.

Last year, Denmark also made waves in the international press with another two controversial adverts. One clip, filmed for the Visit Denmark tourism board, showed a women looking for the unknown father to her son after a one-night stand in Copenhagen. The other, apparently an anti-domestic violence campaign, invited viewers to visit a website called and beat up a virtual woman.

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