Icelandic Forestry Association celebrates 80th birthday

Interest in forests and the growing of trees in Iceland has increased since the economic crisis hit, according to the head of the Icelandic Forestry Association. There is now forest growing on over 20,000 hectares all over Iceland. The organisation celebrated its 80th birthday at Thingvellir yesterday.

The forestry association’s annual general meeting was held this weekend in the town of Selfoss and a large part of the meeting was taken up by the anniversary.

The main event took place at Stekkjagja in the Thingvellir national park yesterday. The association was founded at that location at the Althingi Festival on the 27th June 1930.

Guests were greeted by bagpipes yesterday, and former Prime Minister, Thorsteinn Palsson gave the keynote address, RUV reports.

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