Man charged over Iceland businessman murder

Reykjavik region police have remanded a man in custody over the murder of businessman Hannes Thor Helgason. The man in his twenties is the first to be formally held – although several have been arrested, questioned and released.

The confectionery company boss Hannes Thor Helgason was murdered in his Hafnarfjordur home on the 15th August.

The man in custody had previously been arrested over the murder, then questioned and released.

New evidence has since come to light, leading police to believe they have reason enough to hold the man on suspicion of murdering the businessman. A detailed search of the man’s home was also conducted immediately following his arrest.

Little is known about the nature of the new evidence in the case, other than that it comes from the forensics unit of the police force, reports.

Results of DNA samples sent to Sweden for analysis are still not known, but preliminary results are expected soon – probably next week.

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