Icelandic businessmen’s public feud

Robert Wessmann, the former director of Actavis, has hit back at Bjorgolfur Thor Bjorgolfsson, who said on his website that Wessmann was fired from his post and did not resign as had previously been stated.

Bjorgolfsson set up his new website,, in order to update interested parties on his finances and business dealings following his near scrape with bankruptcy.

Wessmann hit back by saying that the disagreement occurred when Actavis was due to be removed from the stock exchange and Wessmann decided to concentrate entirely on his own investments. He had also, apparently, repeatedly told Bjorgolfsson that he did not wish to work alongside him any longer.

In a statement, Wessmann said that when Bjorgolfsson’s Novator took Actavis over, the company had soon been swamped with debt which hindered its operation, RUV reports. Bjorgolfsson claims, on the other hand, that Wessmann was sacked for failing to deliver Actavis’s promised operation results and saddling it with debt himself.

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