Former Kaupthing boss returns to Iceland for questioning

Sigurdur Einarsson, the former head of the board at Iceland’s Kaupthing Bank, is today being interviewed by the Special Prosecutor into the banking crisis. He is at the prosecutor’s Reykjavik office along with his lawyer, Gestur Jonsson.

Nearly 20 journalists, photographer and cameramen were waiting for Einarsson upon his arrival and he answered several of their questions on his way in.

He told reporters that he has been preparing himself for the interview carefully and that he does not know how long he will remain in Iceland. When asked if he has a clean conscience, he confirmed that he does, RUV reports. He was also asked why he has chosen to come home now and answer for his alleged wrongdoings. He answered that he has always been ready to come home and that now seemed like a good time to do so.

He added that he was unable to travel internationally while he was still on the INTERPOL wanted list. After he made a deal with the Special Prosecutor to come home for interview, his name was removed from the international police organisation’s list. That happened on Tuesday.

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