Bobby Fischer not Jinky’s father

The results of a DNA test carried out on the exhumed corpse of chess legend Bobby Fischer indicate that he is not the father of Jinky Jong, Icelandic officials say. The results were passed to the Reykjavik District Court yesterday.

Jinky Jong is from the Philippines and her Icelandic lawyer, Thordur Bogason, told RUV that the DNA results are a very final outcome and will end the paternity case once and for all. The remains of the Grand Master were exhumed from his South Iceland grave last month on a court order and a DNA sample taken to compare with a sample of Jinky Jong’s blood.

There are still two claims remaining of Fischer’s estate. His nephews, the Targ brothers, have a claim on his assets, as well as his Japanese widow, Myoko Watay. Watay claims to have been married to Bobby Fischer at the time of his death. No evidence of their marriage has yet been handed over, however, and the Targ brothers’ lawyer is expected to take his case to court at the beginning of September.