Icelandic Thai girls set up cultural organisation

“We are proud of being half Thai and half Icelandic,” say the young women who have just founded the Siam Samakom organisation. Their organisation’s goal is to promote cultural understanding between their joint motherlands to avoid conflict.

The young women say they have started the organisation as a bridge between to cultural worlds. All the girls have Thai mothers and Icelandic fathers. All of them were born in Iceland and say it has often been tiring to be asked where they are from. They say school life was sometimes difficult; especially during the first years of primary school, RUV reports.

One of the main goals of the organisation is for the young Thai-Icelandic women to better acquaint themselves with their mothers’ culture – not least to prevent conflicts within their own homes.

The girls admit that they have sometimes criticised their mothers for their poor Icelandic language skills, all the Thai decorations at home and the strong smells of Thai food. They all agree, however, that there are far more positive than negative points to having two cultural backgrounds.

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