Wikileaks comes out with more Afghan documents

Wikileaks founder and spokesman Julian Assange said that the site will be revealing some fifteen thousand more documents in addition to the documents they published about the war in Afghanistan last month. “We are about half way through reading them” said Assange in a CNN interview.
The US Deaprtment of Defence warned Wikileaks about publishing more documents about the war, but Wikileaks has already published close to ninety-two thousand secret documents about the war in Afghanistan. Documents that do not paint a very positive picture of the war and the its development so far.

“It would compound a mistake that has already put far too many lives at risk,” said Geoff Morrell, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence for Public Affairs. “The only responsible course of action for them is to immediately remove all the stolen documents from their website and expunge all classified material from their computers,” he said.

A number of human rights organisations are said to have contacted WikiLeaks representatives to warn them of the dangers behind displaying names in the documents, that it would put those working with the foreign army in Afghanistan in danger. These organisations have asked Wikileaks to remove all names from the documents before publishing.

Among these groups there are names like Amnesty International-Afghanistan and the Open Society Institute. Last Thursday the group “Reporters Without Borders” wrote a letter to Julian Assange that outlined Wikileaks’ “incredible irresponsibility” by making these documents public.

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