Iceland’s favourite comedy show to disappear from screens

One of Iceland’s most popular television programmes, Spaugstofan, will not be on RUV Television this winter due in part to budgetary restrictions.

One of the comedians behind the show, Sigurdur Sigurjonsson, said that the decision did not come as a surprise: it has been coming for a while, he said.

Spaugstofan’s team of funnymen have been entertaining Icelanders on Saturday nights for roughly two decades and their topical sketch show based loosely on the preceding week’s events has been continually popular with people of all ages.

Now though, RUV’s budgetary restrains mean that the show has been axed from this winter’s schedule. Sigurdur Sigurjonsson told RUV News that working for the Icelandic national broadcaster has been fun over the years – but that this decision marks a turning point.

Another Spaugstofan presenter/actor, Palmi Gestsson said yesterday on the radio that talks are underway with rival station Skjar Einn which will possibly buy the rights to show episodes from the last 20 years. So, while Spaugstofan may be disappearing from RUV, it will probably not soon be forgotten!

It is also highly unlikely that the skilled team of comedians behind the show will simply retire gracefully from public life.

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