Gulf of Mexico spill giving Iceland cold feet

Katrin Juliusdottir, Iceland’s Minister for Industry says that interest in giving out test drill licences for the oil search in Iceland’s Dragon Area has decreased following the Gulf of Mexico disaster.

The Icelandic government offered tenders on two test drill licences last year but decided not to grant any in the end. Juliusdottir explains that the official plan remains to offer licences again next year; but that the government is not as enthusiastic any more.

She told RUV that she would find it difficult to carry on with the Iceland oil project as if nothing has happened: the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is a very serious matter, she said.

She said that no governmental decision has yet been made on the future of Iceland’s search for black gold; but added that she, as industry minister, cannot carry the project on without looking closely at the project from every angle.

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