Icelandic artist to meditate in glass pyramid on Gaza streets

Icelandic artist Snorri Asmundsson is set to visit Palestine and Israel this September with his meditation pyramid.

The stated goal of the project is to spread love and affection using meditation from the so-called Love Pyramid. It is hoped the pyramid will become a sort of ‘love battery’ which will send its charge out to all receptive souls.

The artist will meditate in his glass pyramid in several different squares and plazas in Gaza, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Although Asmundsson will use his performance art to meditate and pray for peace; his pyramid will nonetheless be made from bulletproof glass. The whole trip will be recorded by filmmaker Fridrik Gudmundsson, who will make a documentary on the subject.

Snorri Asmundsson has previously meditated for hours on end in his Love Pyramid in Reykjavik and in Venice; and although financing is still being secured, he hopes to go to the Holy Land near the end of September.

Watch his video below:

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