Wikileaks does not intend to stop release of secret Afghan war files

Spokesmen from the whistleblowing website Wikileaks say they will publish more classified documents despite orders from the American authorities not to. Wikileaks has been the centre of a great deal of media attention since it published secret American military documents about the war in Afghanistan.

“I can assure you that we will continue to publish the documents – that is what we do,” says Daniel Schmitt, one of the site’s spokespeople.

Wikileaks recently released some 76,000 secret documents which suggest the war in Afghanistan is not progressing as hoped for. Not everybody was pleased about the leak, reports.

“Knowledge of big current affairs like the war in Afghanistan helps us to create something along the lines of security. Hopefully with this understanding, pressure from the public will force governments to govern better,” Schmitt said.

The White House and the Department of Defence disagree; urging Wikileaks to not release the remaining 15,000 documents still awaiting publication on the site. It appears Wikileaks does not intent to comply. There is pressure to shut the site altogether, but with servers all over the world, that would prove difficult.

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