Walking alone across Iceland not enough: Belgian explorer to try again in winter

Fresh from crossing Iceland alone on foot earlier this summer, Belgian adventurer Louis Philippe Loncke now says he wants to try it again in January or February.

Although many people have walked right the way across Iceland, Loncke is the first to have taken the route from Rifstangi in the north to Kotlutangi in the south completely alone and without backup.

The gruelling 560km jaunt took 19 days and left Loncke with an array of injuries and eight kilogrammes lighter. But the brave Belgian is not going to stop there: he now wants to do it all over again…only in the depth of winter.

The only difference, he says, will be that next time he plans to secure sponsorship to equip himself properly so that he won’t have to climb glaciers in winter without so much as an ice axe or crampons.

The video below, from RUV television news, is partly in English:

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