All bets off after free money fault corrected by online casino

A technical glitch that made an online casino a safe bet has been corrected, much to the annoyance of Swedish gamblers. The computer problem, which affected a newly launched game on the Mr Green gambling website, lasted from Monday afternoon until Tuesday morning before management cottoned on.

Around 200 players thought their luck was in when the ‘House of Fun’ game proved that the house doesn’t always win. Gamers found they could play time and time again without any money coming out of their online cash pots.

“What happened is that people could spend money without it being withdrawn from their account. It was just like being at an automatic teller machine,” the web-casino’s managing director Mikael Pawlo told AFP.

Unfortunately for the gamblers who thought they’d hit the jackpot, the casino did not allow them to keep the money and their copious accounts have since been brought back down to earth.

“We’re happy when our guests win, that is what makes us appealing. But in this case, it was a bit too much,” said Pawlo. “Those technical faults are exceptional, but happen sometimes with new games,” he added.

According to The Local, House of Fun invites players to find their way out of a virtual house by navigating a maze of doors and animations. The Mr Green website was launched in 2008 and attracts 150,000 gamers from Austria, Finland, Britain and Sweden.

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