Reykjavik Gay Pride opens with mayor in drag, world spotlight follows

The world is taking note of the fact that Reykjavik’s mayor Jon Gnarr took to the stage in drag last night at the opening of Reykjavik Gay Pride. The story is one of the day’s most popular on the BBC News website.

Jon Gnarr took to the stage at the annual Reykjavik Gay Pride opening ceremony, himself dressed as a quite passable (possibly somewhat frumpy) drag queen. The new mayor is a career comedy actor and is no stranger to taking on an alter ego.

The mayor told the delighted crowd that the “real” mayor was unable to attend the concert, despite promising to be there. The flowery lady went on to speculate that Jon Gnarr was likely in Finland playing with Moomins. “This is what we get for voting for a clown in elections,” (s)he added.

Large photo: Frettabladid / / Valli

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