How much are the universities to blame for Iceland’s economic crash?

Icelandic Minister for Education and Culture, Katrin Jakobsdottir, has provided a small grant to help investigate the role of Icelandic universities in the country’s economic collapse.

The ISK 1 million (USD 8360) grant goes to the University of Iceland department of research into universities, headed up by Pall Skulason, professor and former lecturer.

A statement from the ministry said that in granting the money, the minister hopes to help the university’s newest research department in its important task. The grant is also intended to draw the attention of academics and university governors to what they might have done differently and what responsibility they each may or may not bear for the state of the country today.

Many have criticised the Icelandic universities for pushing the economic model of the Icelandic ‘Outvasion Vikings’ and the Independence Party as by far the best one during the boom years before 2008, at the expense of the many competing academic outlooks.

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