Iceland hoping to tackle long term unemployment with new project

Iceland’s Directorate of Labour intends to devote half a billion kronur (USD 4.2 million) on a direct project to tackle long-term unemployment.

The Directorate will seek to engage 4,000 Icelandic residents who have been unemployed for over 12 months in a wide variety of projects over the next three months.

The campaign is called ThOR (ÞOR with Icelandic letters) and is an acronym for knowledge and experience in Icelandic. This time, the project will be specifically directed towards the 30-70 year-old age group, reports.

4,000 people in Iceland have been looking for work for over a year and the Directorate of Labour has set a goal to personally engage all of them before the 1st November. The unemployed will be offered courses, seminars and various educational and employment-based sessions.

“This is an interesting and important human development project, I am sure that it will mean that people will find it easier to find work that otherwise,” says Minister of Social Affairs and Social Security.

When asked by for a message direct to the long-term unemployed, he said: “We are not calling on people to stand around in queues or to make them loiter here doing nothing. We are calling on people and offering them an opportunity – and opportunity to give themselves more knowledge to support their efforts to find work. It is important to take the opportunity.”

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