American military plane makes emergency landing in Iceland

Emergency services at Iceland’s Keflavik International Airport were put on highest alert yesterday evening as a US Air Force Hercules aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing.

The USAF plane was granted permission to land at Keflavik, and did so shortly after 18.00. It had lost all power in two of its four engines.

Icelandic air traffic controllers were informed that the plane had lost one engine at 17.30 local time and that its pilots wished to land in the country. There were 20 people on board, reports.

Shortly before landing, authorities were informed that another engine had overheated and stopped working and emergency crews were then put on highest alert. The two functioning engines were switched off immediately upon landing.

The Hercules was on its way to Afghanistan with a stopover in the UK, but remains stuck in Iceland. It will stay in the country until it is given a clean bill of health.

Nobody was hurt in the incident.

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