Reykjavik court charges mother with injuring baby son

A woman was yesterday given a three-month suspended prison sentence at the Reykjavik District Court for breaking her four week-old son’s foot.

The woman was judged to have deliberately twisted the baby’s foot until it broke. She has been ordered to pay ISK 900,000 (USD 7,390) in legal costs and a further ISK 300,000 (USD 2,463) in compensation to her young son, DV reports.

The mother had claimed that her son fell from a changing table and she was lucky to catch him by the foot – but medical experts said the evidence of twisting was not consistent with that explanation.

It came out in the courtroom that the woman has a history of mental difficulties, including mood swings. The boy’s one year-old sister had been treated for five broken bones in her hand several months beforehand, which raised suspicions.

Both children are now living with their father and their paternal grandparents.