Reykjavik homes get fibre optic cable connections

Some 200 people are currently at work laying fibre optic cables to 8,000 homes in the Reykjavik capital area of Iceland. It is hoped 40,000 homes will be connected with high speed fibre optic communications by the end of the year and 65,000 by the end of 2014.

RUV reports that a daughter company of Reykjavik Energy, called Gagnaveitan, is laying the cables in the Borgar and Vikur areas of Grafarvogur, in Seljahverfi and in parts of Vesturbaer and Selas.

Birgir Rafn Thrainsson, head of Gagnaveitan, says that the project is now on track again following the severe blow caused by the banking crisis. No new projects were undertaken by the company before this year.