Parents of leukaemia child want to sue Icelandic power company

The parents of an Icelandic child suffering from leukaemia are investigating their legal rights in preparation for a lawsuit against a power company which they blame for their five year-old daughter’s illness.

The parents want to sue Reykjavik Energy following a test which revealed their house has much higher than recommended electromagnetic charge readings. Unusual electromagnetic readings have been found in the homes of three Icelandic children with leukaemia.

Rosalinda Oskarsdottir was diagnosed with the illness in June 2008. An electrical substation is near to the family home and Rosalinda’s parents believe the resultant electromagnetism could have caused the leukaemia. They had their suspicions confirmed when testing revealed the readings in Rosalinda’s bedroom were high above recommended maximum levels. The parents now intend to test their claim in court.

“If my daughter lives to be 25, I want to be able to look her in the eyes and know that we did all we could to get justice,” her father told

The Icelandic Radiation Safety Authority has taken electromagnetic readings in 150 homes in preparation for a report due out this spring; but the publication is still being delayed and the results of those tests are not yet known.

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