Danish doctors to examine giant whale heart

No one would deny that most doctors have a lot of heart, but surgeons at one Danish hospital are leaving no room for debate. The 200-kilo heart of a giant finback whale has been delivered to Skejby Hospital in Arhus, after the creature became trapped and died in Vejle Fjord a month ago.

Although the heart is much bigger than the human equivalent – which usually weighs around 300 grams – it is hoped that the huge organ will help doctors and scientists at the hospital learn more about human coronary disease.

“It has certainly been a challenge because of its dimensions. One has to treat a heart this size rather differently than one would a human heart,” said heart surgeon Morten Smerup in an interview with national broadcaster DR.

The whale, which measured 17.5 metres, became stuck in Vejle Fjord in June. Despite freeing itself from the bottom on a few occasions, it eventually died on June 20. Experts agreed to extract the heart and transport it to Skejby Hospital where it will be kept in conserving fluid, reports the Copenhagen Post.