Keflavik Airport World Cup competition proves successful

Last month, in coordination with the FIFA World Cup Football Championships 2010, Keflavik International Airport in Iceland launched an online competition in the spirit of the event. The football competition was aimed at participants predicting the World Cup playoffs with daily prizes to be won.

“This online competition was entirely focused on the Icelandic market so the amount of participants made it a complete success,” explained Arnar Reynisson, Marketing Manager at Keflavik Airport. “The number of participants totalled an amazing 5226, which for a country of 300,000, is quite an impressive number. In comparison, if the same competition had been held in the U.S. this figure would of been around 5.2 million.”

The football competition involved participants predicting the outcome for each game with correct results being awarded a pre-set amount of points in relation to the odds. The participant who then achieved the highest number of points won the game. Prizes were awarded to participants and also to fans of Keflavik Airport on Facebook.

Reynisson added, “Throughout the competition we have used our social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter and the results we received there have been far better than we could of ever expected. 35,729 invites were sent in direct ad format on Facebook users walls, this would have been 35.7 million if directed at the U.S. market. We now have thousands of fans and friends following us.”

For further information regarding Keflavik Airport visit or join them on Facebook and Twitter.

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