Bjork unhappy at sale of Icelandic energy to overseas business

The famous Icelandic singer, Bjork held a press conference yesterday in Reykjavik where she discussed her fears about Canada’s Magma energy purchasing HS Orka, an Icelandic geothermal company.

People were queuing out of the doors at the Nordic House, disappointed that only members of the media were able to enter Bjork’s press conference. But the conference was still well attended due to the presence of foreign as well as Icelandic media.

Bjork has been a strong proponent of ensuring Iceland’s energy sources remain in the hands of Icelanders and are used for everybody’s benefit and not sold off cheap for the benefit of foreign corporations. Magma Energy’s purchase of HS Orka through a specially created daughter company in Sweden falls under that category, the singer believes.

Bjork Gudmundsdottir decided to call a press conference following a release of information last week that appears to suggest the purchase is much more beneficial to Magma than it is to Iceland and its residents – partly because the purchase is to be financed with a loan from the Icelandic government itself.

No questions were allowed. Bjork instead went over the points raised on, calling for answers from the government.

“On Tuesday 13th July a Formal Proposal was submitted to the Public Representative of the Icelandic Parliament, signed by Björk Guðmundsdóttir, Jon Thorisson (the Icelandic assistant to Eva Joly) and the writer Oddny Eir. This Proposal, concerning the sale of Iceland’s natural resources to the company Magma Energy, aims to initiate an open discussion and encourage reconsideration of this sale, ensuring that the interests of the public are being protected and that clarification is achieved on all aspects of this decisive case concerning the future of Iceland,” the website says.

Bjork closed the press meeting with a short musical performance.

Click here: “Question_list_Bjork_English” to see a document prepared by the singer which explains her viewpoint (.pdf document).

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