Judaism deals better with sex than Christianity, says Swedish prof

Christians should take a leaf out of the Torah when it comes to sex, according to a Swedish professor speaking at an annual meeting of the country’s faith groups. Professor Leif Carlsson told attendees at the Hono Conference on the west coast of Sweden that Christianity holds negative views on sex compared to those found in Judaism.

As the church believes Jesus is coming soon, Christians devote their energies to evangelism rather than reproduction, the theorist said in an interview with Christian newspaper Dagen,. “There are few role models in the New Testament. Jesus is not married and does not say much about sex, and we will not get into Paul,” he added.

While sex is viewed negatively in Christianity, in Judaism lovemaking is viewed as something fundamentally good, according to the professor. This is perhaps because the Jews were a minority, and therefore needed to reproduce in order to survive, he theorised.

“In rabbinical Judaism, it is heavily emphasised,” said Carlsson. “They say that sex is more important than studying the Torah. Men have sexual obligations to women. There are old rules on how often the man must satisfy a woman – different for different occupational groups. For a sailor, it is once every six months, for an unemployed person, daily, and a teacher of the Torah, every Friday,” he said.

Carlsson went on to say that Jewish traditions show a clear respect for women, but warned that some sexual urges must be tamed in order to produce a positive effect. The Hono Conference is organised by the Mission Covenant Church of Sweden and has been held every year since 1945, reports The Local.

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