KFC suing Icelandic company over Twister abuse

The American fast food giant KFC has come into conflict with the Icelandic drive-through chain Aktu taktu. KFC has decided to sue FoodCo. ehf., owners of Aktu taktu, and is demanding it drop the name Taco-Twister.

KFC has international rights over the Twister brand, and serves several food products under the name.

Aktu taktu spokespeople in Iceland have rejected KFC’s claims however – saying that the Taco-Twister is a trademark in its own right and has been on the menu for many years at Aktu taktu.

The case will therefore go to court at the beginning of September, Visir.is reports.

KFC is a major international player in the fast food industry in over 80 countries and has seven outlets in Iceland, including two outside the capital. Aktu taktu has four branches, all in the Reykjavik area.

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