Jon Asgeir pays cash to Glitnir estate

Icelandic businessman Jon Asgeir Johannesson has paid the banrupt estate of Glitnir Bank USD 15 million, or around ISK 2 billion.

Head of Glitnir’s resolution committee, Steinunn Gudbjartsdottir confirmed the payment in an interview with RUV. Glitnir is attempting to extract some two hundred billion kronur from Jon Asgeir and his close associates.

The Bank believes the former biggest shareholder still has plenty of assets at his disposal, sourcing an email sent shortly before the bank’s collapse that he had at least 40 billion kronur in British banks.

A London court yesterday confirmed Glitnir’s request to freeze Johannesson’s assets iternationally. The judge said he did not believe the defendent’s claim that he is down to his last million pounds (ISK 189 million).

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